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Woman in VR Headset

The Virtual Reality Salon at DESA

The March on Washington Film Festival Virtual Reality (VR) Salon immersed students at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in stories of the continued Civil Rights Movement through cutting-edge technology at the intersection of art and storytelling. Headsets, mixed reality, augmented reality and interactivity provide an embodied point of view to critical and urgent stories. Students had the opportunity to engage with XR projects hands-on as audience members and as volunteer program assistants and VR docents. The projects showcased in the Salon highlighted new possibilities for the implementation of technologies to convene, collaborate and learn. Artists talkbacks provided space for students to learn directly from the creative teams behind each piece about their process and content. 

Curated by Aja Quinn Evans


ToussaintCircle (1).jpg

Kinfolk, The Monuments Project

Created by: Idris Brewster and Micah Milner

Produced by: Kinfolk Foundation

Kinfolk is an archive on a mission. We bring underrepresented history closer than ever through immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences. Using accessible technology, experience history come to life in your hometown, community center, local museum, living room, or your classroom.


Mahal-Marketing Poster-18x24.png

Reimagined Volume II

Directed by: Michaela Ternasky-Holland

Produced by: Julie Cavaliere, Lucas Smarker, Ryan Genji Thomas, Very Cavaliere Productions Inc. 

Inspired by Philippine mythology, the story focuses on Apolaki, Mayari, Tala, and Hanan, the four immortal children of the recently passed creator god, Bathala. As each of these deities wrestles with the grief of losing Bathala, their all-powerful actions create ripples throughout the universe.


LCVR THE WALL Poster with laurels.jpg

THE WALL with Rea Goldson, Art Director 

Directed by: Katja Esson

Produced by: Corinna Sager and Ronald Baez

THE WALL is a 6-minute interactive virtual reality experience (part of the full 14-minute Liberty City VR) that sends the user time traveling into the vibrant past of the brand-new public housing project of Liberty Square in Miami in the early 1940s. 

Equipment provided by 

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