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7 Days of Premieres, Awards & Events!

illustration of black woman with afro surrounded by gold halo raising her fist wearing sunglasses that read march on

March on Washington 2023 Awards Gala

Hosted by Jonathan Capehart, this year we honored Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock and Reverend Al Sharpton for their visionary leadership in the fight for civil rights.

The Vivian Malone Courage Award: Honoring Michelle Browder

This year’s award was presented to Michelle Browder, American artist and activist known for her historical tours, murals and sculptures in Montgomery, particularly the Mothers of Gynecology Monument. This year’s Vivian Malone Courage award was a print of an original painting by award-winning abstract and figurative artist Avis Collins Robinson. 

Pulpits, Protest & Power:
The Church and The Civil Rights Movement

An evening of powerful preaching, music and dance that highlighted the actions and activists of the Civil Rights movement of the mid 20th century, today and into the future. ​

This event was made possible by the generous support of Tiffeny Sanchez.

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