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After Sherman

Jon Sesrie Goff, dir. | The Film Collaborative | 1 hr 28 min
Only Available On Demand 9/24 & 9/26


3:00 PM | Screening

Eaton Hotel Screening Room, 1201 K St. NW, Wash. D.C.

About the Film

When the real estate of the southern U.S. coast is eyed by the wealthy, tax hikes and land auctions threaten the homes of the Gullah people who live there and have been stewards of the region for generations. Under the orders of General William Sherman, the property was originally deeded to freed slaves after the civil war. This is their inheritance. It is not just a commodity for the Gullah people, but a family resource. Their lives, livelihood, history, and language are all inherently tied to the land; it is the basis of their pastoral culture. But when the land is at risk, the Gullah culture is also at risk. Told through personal narratives, the documentary After Sherman is the story of a community that endures in the low country—despite how the effects of systemic racism have led to recent threats of gentrification and a horrific hate crime. It is a meditation, rich and warm, on what exactly makes a home: the land, the people on it, and the community created together through tradition and shared history.


DIRECTOR: Jon-Sesrie Goff

Jon-Sesrie Goff is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and arts administrator, whose work on award-winning films includes Out in the Night (2015), Evolution of a Criminal (2015), Spit on the Broom (2019), and After Sherman (2022).

Blair Dorosh-Walther, Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, Jon-Sesrie Goff

Blair Seab McClendon

Erika Dilday, Leslie Fields-Cruz, Sally Jo Fifer, Justine Nagan, Chris White

From the Gullah Front Porch: Afternoon Soiree

5:00 - 7:00 PM

Wild Days Rooftop at the Eaton Hotel, 1201 K St. NW, Wash. D.C.

This film screening will be followed by a conversation with three artist friends and Sea Island progeny, on the rich legacy of land, culture and community, and the aftermath of the racist mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. This program is made possible and in partnership with Eaton Workshop.


Elijah Heyward III | producer After Sherman 

Tamar-kali | musician, composer, After Sherman and Little Richard I Am Everything 

Sheldon Scott | visual artist and Global Head of Purpose, Eaton Workshop 

With music by DJ Jahsonic 

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